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The Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory is a stand-up comedy club that opened in 1979. Its hosted stars such as Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and Jerry Seinfeld are still showcasing both established and new talent daily.

In a nutshell, the Laugh Factory is where to go if you want to see comedy celebrities. Its round glowing orange sign is an iconic image synonymous with LA comedy. At this point, the Laugh Factory is almost a celebrity, as is its owner, Jamie Masada. You'll need to spring for VIP tickets to guarantee a seat.

There is no more notorious hotel in LA than Chateau Marmont. Known as Hollywood's playground, this is where the A-list comes to stay, party or seek solace. It's deeply comfortable with discreet service and gothic interiors. Everyone from Greta Garbo to Lindsay Lohan has called this 'castle on the hill' home.

Chateau Marmont

is located above Sunset Strip in West Hollywood (WeHo) and 30 minutes from LAX airport. It is also a 10-minute drive to shopping districts such as the Design District, Melrose Avenue, and Rodeo Drive. It's a five-minute drive to the 160-acre Runyon Canyon Park, one of the popular hiking spots in LA.

Built-in the 1920s and based on a French castle in the Loire valley, Chateau Marmont looks like an abandoned Disney castle, loaded with gothic charm – vaulted ceilings, chunky hand-carved wooden furniture, and old velvet sofas. André Balazs retained the original interiors when he took over the hotel in 1990, allowing the spirit of old Hollywood to roam the halls: nothing here is new or flashy.

The leafy garden terrace and restaurant are constantly buzzing (expect celebrity sightings but under no circumstances should you take a picture, this is a paparazzi-free zone), with most tables full during lunch and late into the night. The same goes for the dark and moody bar inside. The guest-only pool area is a peaceful hideaway with a few sun loungers and a corner bar. For downtime and privacy, this is where you should station yourself.